Benchmark Collection for 2014 finished, Solver Submission open

As of today, the benchmark set for SYNTCOMP 2014 is fixed. Overall, we have collected 6 sets of benchmarks, with more than 500 individual synthesis problems. The benchmarks are available in our Bitbucket repository on the Synthesis Competition Server (after registration). Of course we still welcome new benchmarks, but they will not be used in the 2014 competition anymore.

Solver submission for 2014 is open on the same server. If you are developing a synthesis tool for the competition, please have a look at the reference implementation and testing framework, and submit a first version of your tool until End of May 2014.

2 thoughts on “Benchmark Collection for 2014 finished, Solver Submission open

  1. Bruno Blaskovic

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to download Benchmark Collection for 2014. (I got Internal Server Error).
    Would You be so kind and, if possible, provide working link to the benchmarks.
    Thank You in advance,
    prof. Bruno Blaskovic
    FER, University of Zagreb, Croatia


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