Submission of Tools:

First versions of synthesis tools are due May 25, 2018.

Final versions of synthesis tools are due June 1, 2018.

To submit a tool, please send a download link to

Preparation of Tool Submissions:

For a successful submission you will need to send us a pdf file with the tool description (2-4 pages, EPTCS style; or alternatively a tool paper that has been submitted or published elsewhere) and a zip file with the source code of the tool with the following structure and content:


The folder /code should contain the source code of the tool and all necessary scripts to build it. The script has to accomplish the following tasks:

create a folder /binary
compile or build the code
copy all necessary executables including scripts to the folder binary

Please test your script locally before submitting the code! Buggy build scripts will delay the testing of your tool considerably.

The content of the binary folder will be uploaded to the execution system and tested on the test set of the categories where the tool has been submitted.

The readme.txt file should contain details about the tool (e.g. name, version, authors) and how to build and use the tool, as well as any kind of extra information needed to use the tool. In particular, if the SyFCo tool should be used to convert the specification from TLSF into a different format, then the necessary command line arguments have to be specified here (a fixed set of parameters for one configuration of the synthesis tool).

The licence.txt file should contain the license information. We do not require any particular type of licence, but the minimum requirement for the license is to contain the permission to use the tool for evaluation. If you are using source code of other tools please be sure to also include their license information in your license file.

Reference Implementation

A simple reference implementation for the AIGER categories of SYNTCOMP can be found here.

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