Monthly Archives: July 2020

SYNTCOMP 2020 Results

The results of SYNTCOMP 2020 have been presented at the SYNT workshop, part of CAV 2020. The slides used for the SYNT presentation can be found here. The experiments can now be browsed on StarExec here (see the subspaces corresponding to each track).

This year, the competition was split into a safety track, based on specifications in AIGER format an LTL track, with specifications in TLSF, and a parity-game track, with specifications in an extended HOA format. Just like last year, for the safety track we have only considered the realizability-checking task. Furthermore, we have only ran the sequential mode of the resulting three categories. For the LTL track and the synthesis task we have an additional ranking based on not only the quantity, but also the quality of solutions.

Here are the tools that had the best results in these categories:

simpleBDDSolver (solved 186 out of 274 problems in the AIGER/safety Realizability Track)

Strix (solved 424 out of 434 problems in the TLSF/LTL Realizability track and won the quality ranking in the TLSF/LTL Synthesis Track)

Strix (solved all problems in the EHOA/parity game Realizability track and was the only participant in the synthesis track)

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all contributors of benchmarks and all participants!