Monthly Archives: July 2021

SYNTCOMP 2021 Results

The results of SYNTCOMP 2021 have been presented at the SYNT workshop, part of CAV 2021. The slides used for the SYNT presentation can be found here. The experiments can now be browsed on StarExec here (see the subspaces corresponding to each track).

This year, the competition consisted of LTL tracks, with specifications in TLSF, and parity-game tracks, with specifications in extended HOA. Since we had an increase in participants, this year we had sequential and parallel versions of the realizability and synthesis sub-tracks! Also worth mentioning is the reorganization of our benchmark library.


Knor won the parity-game synthesis track, solving 276/303 benchmarks. It also won the hard-parity-game realizability track by solving 216/217 benchmarks.

Strix placed first in the quality ranking for parity-game synthesis. In its LTL/TLSF version, Strix won the LTL sequential realizability track by solving 827/924 benchmarks; and placed first in the quality ranking for LTL sequential synthesis.

sdf won the LTL parallel realizability track, solving 730/942 benchmarks, and the LTL parallel synthesis track.

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all contributors of benchmarks and all participants!