General Information

The Reactive Synthesis Competition (SYNTCOMP) is a competition for reactive synthesis tools. The competition’s goal is to collect benchmarks in a publicly available library and foster research in new tools for automatic synthesis of systems. SYNTCOMP is organized annually (since 2014) as a satellite event of CAV.


Preparation for SYNTCOMP 2017 has started. It will run with the same competitive categories as SYNTCOMP 2016, and will introduce a quality ranking that improves on those that have been used in previous years. Additionally, we plan to introduce a new category for synthesis problems in the GR(1) fragment. See the Call for Benchmarks and Solvers for more details.


SYNTCOMP 2016 extended the competition to specifications in full LTL. 6 synthesis tools competed in the existing track based on AIGER/safety specifications, and 3 tools competed in the new track based on specifications in TLSF/LTL. Results and further information can be found here.


For SYNTCOMP 2015, we have added more than 2000 problem instances to our benchmark library, and improved the ranking system and evaluation process. 4 synthesis tools competed on the new set of benchmarks, showing significant progress over last year’s implementations. Results and further information can be found here.


In the inaugural SYNTCOMP 2014, 5 synthesis tools competed on a set of 569 problem instances, collected in the new benchmark format of the competition. Results and further information can be found here.

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